We're getting a new district and school websites on June 15!

What can you look forward to?

We'll be launching our new websites on June 15. Each week leading up to then, we'll highlight one of the new features that we'll be getting with our new system. Here's what we're featuring this week:

The new web system provides fresh, new web sites for all of our 89 schools. We worked with the vendor to provide consistent yet distinct designs for each school.

The consistency offers ease of use for new parents and guardians selecting a school or parents and guardians who have children at more than one district school. The distinctive visual design allows each school to showcase its special offerings.

Screenshot of new school home pages

Tune in next week to for another great feature to look forward to!

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New Web System FAQ

Q. I heard that Tucson Unified School District is getting a new web system. What does this mean for schools?
A. The new system will make it easy for schools to maintain and update their websites. Existing school websites will be migrated into the new system, and once this happens, designated school staff will have an easy-to-use interface to keep their website up-to-date. The website designs, while allowing for school branding, will provide consistent navigation and organization so that our web visitors can easily find the information they need in every Tucson Unified school website.
Q. What are some of the features of the new web system we'll be getting?
A. We're really excited about so many of the features! In addition to the easy interface for updating web content, the new system provides a calendar system. It also offers communication tools for delivering content across pages and websites. It also has tool for scheduling the posting of announcements.
Q. I'm a teacher. Can I use this?
A. We're currently exploring the options for teachers, including the teacher pages available through this new system.
Q. What will happen to all the webpages currently on Edweb?
A. All school websites, hosted on the edweb server or elsewhere, will be migrated to the new system. Teachers will also be able to move their pages into the new system, whether they're hosted on edweb or on other servers.
Q. I'm a teacher, and I've set up my webpages for work at TUSD on another non-TUSD web server. Can I keep it there?
A. No. District and school-related web content needs to be hosted on the new server. In the past, since we did not provide an easy-to-use solution, some people did use outside services for their school or district-related work. Yet since this content represents your school and your district, it needs to be hosted on the school and district web system. We're excited that we now have a system to use which will meet our needs!

Q. When will this happen?
A. Content for the district website and many schools websites has already been migrated to the new system. The vendor is currently migrating the rest of our schools. We are aiming at a June 15 launch date for the district and school websites. We will be migrating the Intranet over the summer, and we'll be in touch with teachers about their options during the 2017-2018 school year, or sooner.

Q. Will we get training on the new system?
A. Yes! Many school webmasters have already attended training, and training continues through spring.
Q. How does this system tie in with the Intranet, Synergy, TrueNorth Logic, Office 365, iVisions and SharePoint?
A. The system is flexible and adaptable so that we can integrate it with our existing web systems. The first priority is to migrate the main district and school websites into the new system. This summer, we'll begin moving the Intranet over to it, which will allow district employees to access the Intranet from home. Over the next year, we'll continue to explore the ways that we integrate Synergy, Office 365, and our other systems with the new web system. Because the web system is scalable, flexible, and robust, we'll be able develop our use of it through time.

Do you have more questions? Please complete the form at the top right of this page, or email webmaster@tusd1.org, and we'll be happy to get back to you!