Closed School Sites

Background Information

In spring of 2010, due to budget constraints, TUSD made a hard decision to close nine schools. This helped to cut costs, already returning 2% (approx. $30,000) to every school that remained open.

The district then began the project of repurposing the closed schools as quickly as possible to generate revenue and minimize costs and negative impacts to the community.

Community Participation

Shortly after the decisions were made to close the schools all landowners and neighborhood associations within 1000' of the schools were invited to apply to serve on advisory committees to help determine the future uses of the sites. Those committees were involved in reviewing solicitations for the closed school sites.

Status of Closed School Sites

As of June 12, 2012, the following arrangements have been made for TUSD's closed school sites:

Map of closed school sites
  • Duffy
    • TUSD Community Service Programs plan complete
    • budget established
    • begin transition Fall 2012
  • Fort Lowell School
    • lease to Chabad of Tucson signed 03/15/12
    • up to $93,000 per year
    • transition complete
    • issues with damage
  • Jefferson Park
    • lease to International School signed 11/28/11
    • up to $100,000 per year
    • transition complete
  • Reynolds
    • no viable proposals
  • Richey
    • lease to Pascua Yaqui Tribe signed 03/01/12
    • $1 per year
    • transition in process
  • Roberts
    • lease to Pima Community College signed 12/13/11
    • up to $130,000 per year
    • transition complete
  • Rogers
    • no viable proposals
  • Van Horne
    • 3 proposals for lease/sale as church, sustainability center, or urban agriculture under consideration
  • Wrightstown
    • agreement for sale as residential development
    • approved for $1.59M
    • in entitlement process

Contact Information

For repairs or maintenance:

Planning: 520-225-4949
Operations: 520-225-4912

To report suspicious activity:

School Safety: 520-584-7676 (24 hours)