Five-Year Strategic Plan

End of Year Report reveals achievement of 2014-2015 goals

At the Governing Board meeting on June 2, 2015, Dr.Sánchez delivered a presentation demonstrating that the year one goals have been fulfilled. The following presentation and report show the evidence.

Presentation Delivered June 2, 2015 (in PDF) | End of Year Report (in PDF)

Governing Board unanimously approves Five-Year Strategic Plan

Photo of board applauding plan

All five board members approved the strategic plan.

All five Governing Board members voted "yes" for the Five-Year Strategic Plan presented by Dr. H.T. Sanchez Tuesday, July 22, 2014, at the TEP conference center downtown.

Just after the vote, the audience of more than 150 people stood in ovation.

In his presentation, Dr. Sanchez emphasized that members of the community had a voice in shaping the plan. About 400 people contributed ideas and feedback, starting with about 200 at the kickoff meeting in February and continuing through subcommittee meetings held on four Saturdays.

"The strength comes from many people coming together," Dr. Sanchez said.

Photo of audience at board meeting

The strategic plan contains annual goals in five key areas: Curriculum, diversity, facilities, finance and communication.
Governing Board members praised the process of creating the plan, especially the involvement of the community.

Kristel Ann Foster, clerk of the board, said she had attended subcommittee meetings and was "moved to tears" seeing the enthusiastic involvement of community members.

Board members also praised the plan as a first step and noted there's much work to be done.

"This is something we need to do ... We need to be in proactive mode instead of reactive mode," Dr. Mark Stegeman said.

"This is taking us to the 20 yard line," he said, noting that integrating other plans and ideas is part of moving the district the next 80 yards.

Dr. Sanchez said he is committed to achieving the goals in the plan, so much so that his annual performance evaluations are directly to the plan's annual goals

Dr. Sanchez said he sees a bright future for TUSD and the possibility of a new brand for the district.

 "The identity is a renewed district, a renaissance, a rebirth," he said. "As we near our 150th year, we have a renewed TUSD."

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