Preschool Programs

Photo of preschool student

Preschool gives students a jump-start!

Programs at TUSD

A wide range of preschool options are available for children residing within the TUSD boundaries.

TUSD's Infant & Early Learning Centers provide high quality affordable childcare and expert instruction in early learning. Our Infant & Early Learning Centers foster positive relationships among children and adults. We provide multiple approaches to serve all learning styles. Our curriculum promotes social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development. At our centers, learning takes place in a safe and healthy environment.

Through TUSD's Community School program, many schools offer Community School preschool programs.

Our Inclusive Preschool Programs provide high-quality instruction and services for students with an academic need. Click here for more information.



The Early Childhood Exceptional Education offers the following programs and services:

  • Project ABLE provides developmental classes in a structured, consistent environment.
  • Partners is a program for a blended population of 50% preschoolers who have been identified with special needs and 50% preschoolers who are typically developing peers.
  • Explorer Preschool offers a less restrictive, structured, yet secure environment, for preschool children who are ready for a more typical learning environment with slightly larger class sizes and a longer attendance day
  • Itinerant Services provide supplemental instruction to children placed in Head Start, community child care/preschools and Inclusive Preschools.

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