Frequently Asked Questions for Student-Athletes

How can I contact the Arizona Interscholastic Association?
You can contact the AIA in two ways:
  1. 1-602-385-3810
  2. Visit this contact page at
After what date is a physical accepted for the current school year?
A physical must be taken on or after March 1st to be valid for the current school year.
Example: Physical dated 3/1/16...valid for 2016-2017 school year.
This applies to middle school students as well.

My child had a physical within the last calendar year, however, it was not completed on or after March 1st and my insurance carrier will not approved another physical. Are any exceptions made in this situation? Where can I get a physical?
The Arizona Interscholastic Association sets the criteria which all participating schools must follow. Every effort is made to share this information with parents. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made. Parents/students can review the "Physical Exam" link on this web site for information on clinics-times-prices.

Can my daughter/son compete on their school team and a club team at the same time?
The Arizona Interscholastic Association has stated that "A student who is a member of a school team shall not practice or compete with any other group, club, organization, association, etc., in that sport during the interscholastic season of competition". This rule applies to team sports only (football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, track relay and swimming relay teams). For purposes of this rule, the interscholastic season of competition shall begin with the first regularly scheduled game and conclude with that particular team's final game. Any student violating the above rule shall forfeit her/his eligibility for a minimum of the balance of the season for that sport or up to a maximum of one calendar year.

Can my son/daughter attend a Charter School and play sports/fine arts with TUSD?
No, only students currently enrolled in a TUSD school are eligible to participate.

Can my daughter/son attend a TUSD Alternative School and play sports/fine arts with TUSD?
Some TUSD alternative schools meet AIA eligibility requirements. Some do not. Please contact the Assistant Principal of Activities where your daughter or son plan to attend for verification of eligibility.

My daughter/son is currently being home schooled. Can she/he also play sports/fine arts with TUSD?
Home school students may be eligible to participate in interscholastic activities at the school in the home attendance zone. A copy of the "Affidavit of Intent" that is filed with the County School Superintendent's Office must be provided to the school. Reporting of grades: a notarized copy of the student's grade report must be submitted to the school at the grade check times. All other TUSD and AIA eligibility guidelines must be met.

Who should I contact if I have a concern with my child's coach, practice times, etc.?
All concerns should be directed first to the coach and then to the school administrator in charge of activities. We urge you to contact them as most of the time the concern can be resolved quickly and to all parties' satisfaction.

Can my middle school child participate in open gym or work out in the weight room of the high school they will be attending?
Only currently enrolled students are allowed to participate in open gym/weight room activities.

If my child transfers to another school, are they eligible to participate?
Maybe yes, maybe no! The answer to this question may be complex. If the custodial parent(s) change domicile, the student-athlete's eligibility moves to the school in the parent/guardian attendance zone. For a specific answer when a child changes schools with no change of domicile, please contact the Assistant Principal for Activities at your current high school.

Does TUSD provide accident insurance for my child while participating in extracurricular activities?
TUSD does not carry an accident policy to cover injuries sustained in interscholastic programs. Accident insurance is the responsibility of the parents or guardian. Student insurance can be purchased for a nominal fee. Forms are available on this website under "Student Accident Insurance".

Can my child participate in extracurricular activities if she/he was absent on game day?
No, extracurricular activity participation requires that students attend classes daily in order to maintain eligibility.
  • Classroom attendance on the day of a performance, contest or game is required except in the case of a valid excuse and at the discretion of the school administrator. This will be interpreted to mean a student will attend all classes unless excused by an administrator. Illness, staying home to rest, or "sleeping in" are examples of UNEXCUSED absences.
    • The penalty for violation of this policy will result in forfeiting the game the ineligible player competed in, and/or relinquishing any medals, awards, certificates, etc.
  • Students not attending class on Friday prior to a Saturday activity, or a holiday period, are ineligible to participate in the next performance, contest, or game.
  • Students are expected to attend classes the day following an activity.
How do I voice a concern regarding my child's participation?
If you have a concern to discuss with the coach, please call to set up an appointment.
  • Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches:
    • Treatment of your child, mentally and physically
    • Ways to help your child improve
    • Concerns about your child's behavior
  • Communication coaches expect from parents:
    • Concerns expressed directly to coach
    • Notification of any scheduled conflict well in advance
    • Specific concerns regarding a coach's philosophy and/or expectations
  • Issues NOT appropriate to discuss with coaches:
    • Play time
    • Team strategy
    • Play calling
    • Other student-athletes
The athletic experience may offer some of the most rewarding moments of students' lives. However, it is important to remember that there may be times when things will not go the way that you and your child wishes. Coaches are professionals. They make judgment decisions based on what they believe to be the best for all students involved. These can be emotional times for both the parent and the coach. Meetings of this nature usually do not promote resolution.

What can a parent do if the meeting with the coach did not provide a satisfactory resolution?
Call and set up an appointment with your school's Athletic Director to discuss the situation. At this meeting, the appropriate next step can be determined.